I was born in 1969 in Switzerland and raised up in Murten. Today I live in the countryside in a small village called Ulmiz at the border between French and German language. I work as a real estate specialist and express my painter talents in part time. In my childhood, besides sports, creativity was always important to keep me in balance. Even as a child I loved to tinker, paint and design. Only much later I started to paint canvases.

For me abstract art is a creative process of the unspeakable. An artist transports with his works his statements, thoughts, emotions, criticism, dreams, ... and thus enriches the lives of those who feel touched by the message.

In the creative process I forget time and space. Experimenting, taking risks, allowing coincidences are parts of the painting process that inspires me. My creative work is an intuitive process. I do not work from photos or sketches, the ideas often arise during the work itself or from a feeling and later developed layer by layer.

I work basically autodidactically, but I attended some seminars with well-known artists like Robert Süess, Sonja Schmid, Gerhard Almbauer and Gaby Dotter to get some inspirations and techniques. In 2020, during the Corona lockdown, I completed an online course with the American artist Nicholas Wilton and I am a member of the Art2Life Academy.