Inspiration. Fascination. Emotions.

Old facades, vegetation, rock walls or nature moods inspire me and invite me on an unknown imperfect journey. I find the inspiration for this mainly in nature. Sometimes it just happens in the studio, during the playful working process at, the beginning of a new project. Ideas arise spontaneously and are intuitively implemented in a creative way.

I create multi-layered, semi-abstract pictures in which landscapes serve as a starting point for exploration. They are explorations of my own feelings, memories, perceptions and moods. I leave it up to the viewer to fully engage with the picture and make his or her own interpretation of my work.

I see and start with an idea. Often I paint over again, scratch, destroy, wipe off again or start over again, ... processes like life writes. To start and to destroy again needs courage, but this creates layers and depth. What lies hidden behind the layer? What was the underground good for? What has been created by it now? Many things also arise spontaneously, completely by chance and unintentionally. The original idea slowly disappears and something completely different, exciting and more personal emerges. The bright colors fade under the earth tones, sometimes they still shimmer through. Playing with colors, shapes and materials fascinates me and invites me to experiment, to discover and create something new.